Sunday, April 11, 2010

What happens when your site get mentioned is a google blog posting?


 In case you missed it, Google announced that site performance now affects your search rankings and in the article they included WebPagetest in the list of tools to use.  I appreciate the props but it's been a busy day adding more testing capacity to get ready for Monday :-)

Edit:  As expected, Monday was pretty busy:


  1. Still going but it is trending as you may expect (way up and to the right - just crossed 5500 visits). It looks like the system is mostly keeping up with the demand though the UK was buried earlier this morning (lots more testing capacity in Dulles than the other locations right now).

  2. I'll update with a graph in the morning when I have the full day's data but it's been really busy (up over 7,000 visits or so and climbing). Looks like everything survived ok though the UK system was running REALLY hot.

  3. Hey Pat, it's a coincidence, but we're having a Demo session at New York Web Performance Meetup this Thursday! ;)

    If you know people in NY who'd like to join us, please pass it on.


  4. lol, yeah I saw the note go out the the exceptional performance group. I'm bummed I can't be there - would have loved to participate.

    Just to be safe you might want to pre-stage some tests in case the test systems get backed up right when you want to demo (unless you've made the appropriate offerings to the demo gods). It ALWAYS likes to fail right as you are going to show it ;-)

    I'll send the note about the meetup to the AOL teams in NY to see if any of them can make it.


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