Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 State of Optimization - The Short Version

Stoyan's (always excellent) Performance Calendar went live today with an article I provided looking at the state of performance optimization in 2010 compared to 2008 (based on the tests run on WebPagetest).  I highly recommend reading the article when you get a chance - there's lots of data and graphs.  One thing that struck me was how poorly even the most basic optimizations were being followed.  I thought it would be interesting to summarize it all into a single easy-to-understand table. So, without further ado....

Percent of sites that got a passing grade for the basic optimization checks:

OptimizationPercent of pages with a passing grade (2010)
Keep-alive Enabled85%
Compress Text43%
Compress Images39%
Cache Static Content15%
Combine JS/CSS47%
CDN Usage12%

These aren't the advanced optimizations - they're the most basic. Only 15% of pages are effectively leveraging the browser cache! (and "passing" is pretty generous here - a score of 80 or better).

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