Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Don't Panic!

I wanted to take a quick moment to dispel any fears that may be brewing about the future of WebPagetest with my move to Google (and in case this is the first time you're hearing it, surprise! I'm at Google now working on making the web faster).

This is actually a HUGELY positive move for WebPagetest.  Google is putting some engineering resources behind the development of WebPagetest (in addition to letting me work on it full-time) so expect to see lots of great things coming.  Additionally, itself is still independent and not owned by either Google or AOL so there is no risk of your favorite web performance tool going away (particularly once I migrate off of Dreamhost and into the Meenan Data Center).

We'll be sharing the roadmap for what we're planning on working on in the coming weeks but with more developers working on it now (and not just in our spare time) if you have ever wanted to ask for something to be implemented but were afraid it was too big of an effort or wouldn't get done please feel free to post suggestions in the forums (the bigger and crazier the better - well, as long as it is reasonably related to web performance).


  1. One personal question :-)

    Will you move to Mountain View? Just in case I will be around there...

    Happy new year,
    Markus Leptien

  2. No, I'll be based out of the office in Reston, VA but I'll be out in Mountain View quite a bit so feel free to ping me if you come out and we'll see if our schedules align.

  3. need to post pictures! Does your basement look like this now?

  4. Pictures coming soon - it's much more "garage startup" than data center :-)


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